westslope cutthroat

Pteronarcys- aliens from earth

by Wayne Mumford May 15, 2012

There’s always a lot of talk in early May about one of the first big hatches, the Mother’s Day Caddis.  And of course it’s a big deal for fishermen and fish alike. Everyone’s been locked up in cold weather fishing mode and finally spring is hopefully bringing some tolerable weather and some serious bug action. [...]

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“The movie” revisted | Bull Trout vs Lake Trout

by Wayne Mumford February 27, 2012

The Movie I’ll say it right now, “the movie” was just a trailer. I worked on the film as a set dresser. It was fun, a nice place to work and it was a good crew. I was impressed with Robert Redford or “Bob” as many know him. The DP (director of photography) Philippe Rousselot [...]

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Undaunted Anglers- Fishing with Lewis and Clark

by Wayne Mumford March 28, 2011

I’ve been a “history of the American West” nut since high school (since the Jurassic my kids would say) especially the exploration period. One of my favorite subjects was the Lewis and Clark Expedition. A few years back I was pretty involved with it and we had a lot of fun doing photography projects related [...]

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Smallmouth on the Fly

by Wayne Mumford September 15, 2010

The more brown trout, smallies and steelhead I see from Michigan the more I am getting the itch to go there and fish for say, a few years. I know, I live in Montana, what could be better for a fly fisherman? Well you see, I had this experience a couple years back, I caught [...]

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Montana SB 425, Fort Peck Hatchery funding bill passes

by Wayne Mumford February 23, 2009

While the details are of course vague in the bills official description, one thing is now certain; funding shortfalls for the Fort Peck Walleye Hatchery are now secured by “REVENUE IN THE GENERAL LICENSE ACCOUNT OR any FEDERAL funding available to the department”. And how do you interpret that? I think I hear the cash [...]

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Silas Goodrich’s fishing skills debunked?

by Wayne Mumford February 11, 2009

In case you missed it, all of a sudden, Walleye are a hot topic in Montana. Apparently, there aren’t enough around already so there is a big push to get more funding for the Fort Peck Hatchery (a warm water fish hatchery) to produce more, which is problematic because it’s not considered a native species [...]

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Montana Fish Wildlife Parks proposed 2009 regs

by Wayne Mumford August 12, 2008

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks has published its proposed changes for the 2009 fishing regulations. At the bottom of the page is a mailing address and also an email address to submit your comments. All comments must be submitted by Sept. 12th. Personally, I am getting really weary of all the rhetoric about the “endangered” [...]

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Westslope Cutthroat

by Wayne Mumford July 21, 2008

One of the few real natives left in the state of Montana. Personally, I’d rather catch Rainbows or Browns but they are a pretty trout. This one was fooled by an Olive Snowshoe Hare Emerger, #16. We fished one of the smaller rivers in northwest Montana this week. Flows were normal but dropping fast. Temperatures [...]

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