San Juan River New Mexico

Battling bugs | Fixing the San Juan

by Wayne Mumford November 7, 2011

It seems I’m the new host for every bug in the neighborhood these days. Not the bugs a fly fisherman prefers but the bugs that invade your being and wreak havoc on the parts of your body you take for granted every day; ears, nose, throat and joints. Normally I’m “healthy as a horse” but [...]

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Bugs of the San Juan, Montana river watch, getting in bed with Montana bass

by Wayne Mumford May 23, 2011

The upper reaches of the Green are actually supposed to very good trout hunting grounds. If the kid gets his bass mojo on we might get a shot at Flaming Gorge where the next Bass federation divisional is being held next year. Anyway, one last note on the San Juan River fishing report and then [...]

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Fishing report- The San Juan River, New Mexico

by Wayne Mumford May 20, 2011

The fabled San Juan River in New Mexico, one of the El Dorado’s of the fly fishing world (at least that’s what I’ve heard in some circles). The only thing I knew about it was that it was namesake of the infamous “worm” pattern. I didn’t see any worms but maybe I didn’t look close [...]

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Re-entry: Back in the Montana Orbit

by Wayne Mumford May 16, 2011

The Subaru has landed back in Montana, 3195 miles later. And of course the only proper thing to do was to stop at Jan’s Cafe in Lima (the Montana side of Monida pass) and load up on a Cowboy burger, a pound of Montana bacon, beef and ham with all the proper trimmings. After fasting [...]

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Still on the Red Eye Express

by Wayne Mumford May 13, 2011

I’m not a traveling techno geek (yet) so I’m at the mercy of bad wireless connections, motel lobby computers, and no patience for texting or tweeting from anywhere really. I have to have Photoshop for photo editing and so my posts from the road are even worse than when I’m at home- at least I [...]

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