montana snow pack

Montana snow pack- March 12, 2013

by Wayne Mumford March 12, 2013

What is normal weather, normal snow pack in Montana? Anywhere for that matter. Is it a 30 year average? A 200 year average? Do we trust the woodchuck? How about what you see is what you get? Here’s the current snow pack report. Just for fun I went back to a post from about this [...]

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Not in a Bahamian jail but the weather in Montana’s not to bad

by Wayne Mumford January 27, 2013

From the Sculpinator- Where’s Wayno ? prison? the bahamas? steelheading? maybe a bahamian jail, wishing he had chosen chrome over bones? Thanks for checking in M. Motivated me to poke my head out. Fortunately I’m a long way from a Bahamian jail, unfortunately I’m in the frozen north and I haven’t been terrorizing anything with [...]

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Earth Day Condoms | Ready-Heat Blankets | Montana snow pack- March 30, 2012

by Wayne Mumford March 30, 2012

Earth Day Condoms “Wrap with care…save the Polar bear”. The Center for Biological Diversity is celebrating Earth Day this year by giving away 100,000 free endangered species condoms. The idea of course is to help put a “cap” on the ever expanding human population on the planet. I’m surprised they didn’t go for the tactile, [...]

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Spring | April Volkey on Fly Fishing Internet Radio | The Muskytoe

by Wayne Mumford March 20, 2012

First day of spring, uh-huh. Temperatures aside, you would think it was December in some places around the state the way the snow has been falling. Not a good time to be cutting lines in the backcountry. It’s tricky enough keeping it between the lines in the low lands. We probably won’t have to listen [...]

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Montana Snow Pack Report (March 15, 2012) | Nemoura (Little Brown Stoneflies) | Food and Gold at Bristol Bay

by Wayne Mumford March 15, 2012

My first run out to the river for the season always goes like this. Bad weather just beyond the morning horizon but it’s beautiful (and this year-very cold) now. There might be enough time, better run for it. Being caught off guard (as usual) I grab some gear and toss it into the back seat, [...]

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Montana snow pack, Feb. 22, 2012 | HookedNow Ezine| Hunters shoot down activist drone

by Wayne Mumford February 22, 2012

The storm front that came in today brought a lot of rain and wind to the valleys and foothills of western Montana. This evening the snowline looked to be about 5000 ft. The high country should see another good shot of heavy snow. And when I say heavy, think moist. Another layer on the already [...]

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Montana snow pack- January 28, 2012 | Sunspot Activity

by Wayne Mumford January 28, 2012

The last Montana snow pack report was right before the big dump about 10 days ago. The storm gave us about 3 days of pretty good snow although it was pretty localized with central western Montana getting the heaviest snowfalls. Some areas got snubbed almost entirely, the Beaverhead, Bighole, Gallatin, Madison, Jefferson, and Ruby missed [...]

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Montana Snow Pack Report- January 8, 2012

by Wayne Mumford January 8, 2012

The bar graphs at NRCS are down right now so I used the basin maps for this post. I think we had more snow in November in Montana than we do now. Where is La Nina and the negative northern oscillation and all that weather jazz that was supposed to bring us another pile of [...]

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