Missouri River

Bass out west | Montana in spring

by Wayne Mumford May 4, 2012

Still working on what I hope is a good relationship with a new PC. I have been busy reinstalling this and that and trying to get stuff backed up that should have been backed up LONG AGO. I’d relate the experience as being similar to doing a detox/colon cleanse using acid based smoothies and a [...]

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It rains, it snows, it blows…

by Wayne Mumford June 8, 2009

Up here in the northwest part of Montana we managed to slip through without getting snowed on this weekend and other than wind, the weather call turned out better than expected. If you happen to be on the Missouri you are probably wondering if you have been beamed back into April. Like the rest of [...]

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Fishing Montana’s Missouri River

by Wayne Mumford August 7, 2008

Decent weather, plenty of water, lots of Caddis, a river full of big fish and I had the worst run of the summer. People who know the river will no doubt wonder about about my fishing abilities, and indeed I am too. It may take weeks to get my game back on. Nothing like a [...]

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Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave- game on!

by Wayne Mumford July 24, 2008

The Federations conclave is under way in Whitefish. I haven’t been up yet but will attend Saturday. Work postponed my trip to the Mo’ for a week so I get to go. I popped into Lakestream today on my way through town and it was cram packed with conclavers, guides hooking up with clients, fly [...]

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The Missouri “cleanse” continues…

by Wayne Mumford June 5, 2008

A quick visit over to the Trout Shop (Craig, Montana) and we find that the river is still getting flushed and that is likely to continue for the near future. Boats are recommended and wading is definitely not. Most of the fishing action is sub-surface. It continues to be cool, showery and probably snowing in [...]

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Missouri River update

by Wayne Mumford May 28, 2008

Lester from Lakestream reports that the dam operators on the Missouri River started opening the spigot this weekend. High flows are expected to last several days while the river gets a good flush. For a report on the fishing give him a call, 406-862-1298.

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Northwest Montana Rivers at Flood stage

by Wayne Mumford May 20, 2008

The Flathead peaked out at flood stage on Monday. All the rivers of northwest Montana were at flood stage Monday but were beginning to recede today. Forecast is for rain showers throughout the week and river flows back flirting with flood levels again Thursday. Think lake fishing or tail waters. If you are traveling and [...]

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Blackfeet Reservation Lakes revisted

by Wayne Mumford May 15, 2008

Stopped at Arends in Columbia Falls yesterday for Blackfeet Lakes info. Duck apparently is still hanging onto some ice, fishing is marginal. Mitten is thought to have had a winter kill? Or an extended summer kill? We are in for a heat blast over the weekend and then back into cold and rain/snow mid week. [...]

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