TC at TroutUnderground unearthed yet another nugget of infinite wisdom from the shallow shafts of the Montana legislatures mine of useless bill creation. The not-so original SB 306-AN ACT CLARIFYING THE PROHIBITION OF CYANIDE HEAP AND VAT LEACH OPEN-PIT GOLD AND SILVER MINING; AND AMENDING SECTION 82-4-390, MCA.”

This bill is being rolled out onto the Montana capitol floors over the crushed bodies of Montanan’s who have voted not once but twice to prohibit any further cyanide leach mining in Montana. Ah, but here’s the clarification, instead of allowing new cyanide leach mining operations at any new mining sites, it all get’s shipped to Golden Sunlight mine for processing. Golden Sunlight mine was grandfathered in and is the only Montana processing facility still in operation.

So, what’s the big deal? You still have to dig the ore bearing material out of the ground and that can come from anywhere it’s feasible to haul it from, say maybe Dutch Gold Resources Basin Gulch site on Rock Creek? Uncanny isn’t it? And, it perpetuates cyanide leach mining. Let it hang around long enough and you get enough knucklehead law makers all in the same vein (pun intended) who think we’re just casting votes for fun and know better than we do what’s good for us and we get cyanide leach mining all over again.

Sinking lower still is the “birther bill”, HB 205. The CNN interview of the bills sponsor, Rep. Bob Wagner was such an embarrassment to any Montanan with half a brain that even his counterparts in Helena seem to have gotten the message and have tabled this one. Unfortunately removing the stench is easier than removing the stain and “we Montanan’s” will have to wear Wagner’s dirty shorts for awhile.