The Magnetic Line Threader

Saturday PM I stopped in to visit Jim at Montana Mystique Fly, a new fly shop here in Kalispell. Actually, they have been around awhile as a online retailer mostly but they are now getting more into guiding and retail. I like their selection of materials and gear, not a lot of fluff- just good quality, useful stuff. Anyway, while we were shooting the breeze Jim started fiddling around with one of these magnetic line threaders. I’ve seen them online and have been meaning to pick one up and give it a try. I have a Qwik Tye that I bought a couple years back but found that it wasn’t that useful unless you have a good clean eye and head to clamp onto. Just my opinion of course.

Anyway, we messed around with it for a few minutes and I brought one home and started messing around with different flies to see how useful it really was.

The magnet is mounted at the end of the groove and you just lay your fly down so the eye covers the end of the groove.


Magnetic Line Threader – Sbobet Casino Wap – slide the tippet down the groove

Simple enough, sort of. Dry flies are harder to get the line through depending on the hackle and how the hook eye lines up with the groove. Parachute style hackles were definitely easier and I didn’t have to do a lot of dinking around to get my line through. Was still faster than doing it by hand for the most part. Nymphs and emergers on the other hand were not a problem at all and the magnet holds the bug tight. I’m sure that I’ll lose a fly or two but I always do anyway. As long as it’s not the last one the fish happen to be eating at that particular moment.

I’ll definitely have it tied on the vest right next to my reading glasses pocket this summer. First impression, other than some dry patterns, pretty handy little gadget for older eyes and better than the Qwik Tye.

Nemoura stonefly- Little Brown or Winter Stonefly

It’s been warm enough the last couple days to make some bugs move around here so I thought I’d check and see if their were any Nemoura stoneflies about. Barely. There were a few just starting to clamber around in PM’s peak heat.


Nemoura Stonefly- Little Brown Stone, Winter Stonefly

I’m not really sure that the fish are really looking at adults around here but they probably pick off a few that are migrating to shore. For me the Nemoura is more of a harbinger of the spring to come, kind of like the return of the Robins, Yellowbells and Shooting Stars.